Louise Hjort is a multidisciplinary visualist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. As of summer 2016, she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design. 
Her main focus is jewelry and metalsmithing, but with crossovers in to both object and sculpture. In her artistic work, she brings attention to larger concepts of anthropogenic entropy, and our spatial and temporal perception of these places. Spatial refers to our physical distance to something or somewhere or how we perceive voids and the absence of things. Temporal is how we understand changes through time.
Her design/production work draws conceptual influence from abstract sculpture, natural formations and the architectural forms of both current and lost cities and buildings. It is always a priority for Louise to choose materials in regard to minimizing environmental impact.
In addition to her own art and design practice, Louise has a fused background within the fine arts, contemporary design and architecture industry and has worked as a project manager, researcher, and curatorial assistent, for companies such as the RISD Museum of Art, CHART Art Fair and m4 Arkitekter.